Our Services

We provide evidence based ABA intervention services to children in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. We adopt techniques and strategies from other models like the TEACCH, PECS and ASL. Our services include:

In-home Therapy
Our team of therapists go into the homes of families and work directly with the child one on one. The program manager formulates an ITP based on the ABLLS-R and/or VB-MAPP, which is executed by the whole team throughout the week. The entire team consisting of the therapists, program manager as well as the parents meet once a month for a clinic meeting to discuss progress and make changes within the ITP.

If you would like to discuss a specific learning or behavior issue with our program manager, you can opt for a consultation. Parents utilize this time with the program manager to ask questions and discussing behavior difficulties, toileting or feeding issues, school or community related challenges or even evaluate their current ITP’s. This is a one-time or a need based session.

Formal Assessments using ABLLS-R and the VB-MAPP
The ABLLS-R and the VB-MAPP are criterion reference assessments, used commonly with children with Autism to help understand their current ability level, strengths and weakness. A large repertoire of skills and abilities is tested and reported. Some of the areas tested are:

  • Visual Performance
  • Requesting
  • Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Intraverbal Skills
  • Reading, Math and Writing
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Self Help Skills

Parent Training
We believe that by assisting the family unit as a whole in their efforts towards working with the child affected by autism, we can empower the parents to become informed, valuable and effective teachers for their own child.  Our team of therapists and the program manager provide vital information to the parent not only about autism, but also about the teaching strategies, difficult behaviors, language and communication, play skills etc.

Children spend maximum time in the day with a family member, and therefore, we believe that by training a family member, we are multiplying teaching opportunities for the child throughout the day, and thereby speeding up the process of learning. Not to mention the reduction in therapeutic costs.

If you are a parent and would like to train yourself in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, to be able to work effectively with your child, you could utilize this option.

Staff Training
If you already have a team of therapist working with your child, but would like to train your staff in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, this option is for you. Our program manager meets with you to understand yours as well as your staffs’ needs and conducts a brief but detailed training program. Reading material and references are provided during this open and discussion based training.