Who We Are

My Autism Clinic was founded by Ms. Saloni Razdan with the objective of being a comprehensive resource of ABA services for families affected by Autism in New Jersey (Bergen & Hudson County) and New York (Manhattan).

Ms. Razdan is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has trained on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis at the HOPE Center, William Beaumont Hospital, Michigan. Her previous work experience includes working for one of India’s leading child development center- Ummeed (www.ummeed.org) in a leadership role that included conducting multiple 3-month intensive parent training programs, co-developing a social skill program, training professionals and conducting workshops on ABA, verbal behavior and teaching strategies. In the US, she honed her behavior analysis skills at the Chicago Education Project (www.chicagoeducationproject.org), the Carbone Clinic, NY. Her experience includes working directly with children, setting up and supervising in-home ABA programs, school consultations, developing skill acquisition and behavior reduction plans, recruiting staff and piloting a 3- month staff training program. She currently contracts with ABA agencies to help families set up in-home ABA programs as well as train the staff in public and private schools, with the implementation of behavior intervention plans written specifically for some students. Her extensive experience in working with children with Autism and their families has a singular focus on helping every child reach his or her full potential.

Our team of ABA specialists provide in-home therapy services, working one-on-one with the child to build language and communication skills, improve social interaction abilities and reduce challenging behaviors. Our approach focuses on establishing a positive learning environment by understanding the child’s motivation and employing strategies such as positive reinforcement, extinction, shaping and chaining etc.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that every individual has the ability to learn. It is the teacher who needs to understand the child’s learning style and modify his or her teaching technique to be an efficient teacher. In other words, if a child does not learn the way we teach, we need to teach the way he learns. This basic understanding is backed by evidence based scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis- a research proven, effective intervention methodology for children with autism. Adapting to this approach, we believe that every child can reach his or her maximum and best potential.